About us.

About us .

BlueChipEUC electric unicycle , is a growing passion in EUCs ! What is a Euc you say , well a Electric Uni Cycle . Once quoted as products.Brushless motored electric/battery powered)personnel transportation,Devices.

  Well I said that !
   BlueChipEUC,Began this shop ,company ,online sales with the desire to grow this community. With the support and product of Begode/Gotway, N passion in Whyweride

BlueChipEUC electric unicycle  . Founded in 2020 is EUC products. As well as the growing passion of Electric Unicycles.  
 It’s a great community to be a part of , and grow in.  
   Brushless motor electric/battery powered)personnel transportation,

Devices. & BlueChipEUC  

We Get all products right from them.

Official authorized Begode /Gotway Products.

BEGODE /Gotway.   We are greatfull to you . 
 I like to again . Thank all the people at Begode.

adjective    /. relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, and responsibilities. (Definition provided by Google thank you Google.)
  1. Now at blue-chip EUC .we want to represent the authority of Begode and there products here , 

.Professional customer service.

Professional after sales support.

Limited warranty.

 Begode is A well-known company that produces models of electric uni cycle & electric skateboard & scooters . I  love what we do and the Community that has grown from it. ElectricUniCycle’s  or EUC are becoming more practical & convenient for people . As we realize the practical uses , as well as entertainment experience  of a electric unicycle . 

 The community openly shares their experience and knowledge and is always there to help.
 New and inexperienced or Well experienced riders . I’d like to thank all of them for their input . That’s what makes the total package when it comes to electric unicycle , the people.